Blackwell Dentistry is committed to making our communities great! We offer scholarships to seniors, sponsor many sports events and have even opened a children's museum!  


Every time you come in for a cleaning ask about our free tickets to our interactive Children's museum. Since Blackwell Dentistry is a major sponsor, we are giving out free tickets to those that come in for their cleaning every six months!

Blackwell Dentistry has many scholarships available for seniors at Blackwell High school. Contact for more details!

Blackwell dentistry believes in spending supporting our schools and communities. Because of the growing need of updates to the highschool and the dwindling of funds, Blackwell Dentistry has purchased the Blackwell High School's Scoreboard for our highschool football team. We believe in supporting our schools in anyway that we can.  

Every year Dr. Neale and staff attend the OKMOM's event and provide free dental care to those in need! 

Blackwell Dentistry also bought the Blackwell High school Football team a new Score board, because we believe in education and giving back to the community!

Do you need help with a cause, or need sponsors for an event? Come stop by our office!