Aaron Neale, DDS

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Why did you decide to become a dentist?

When Dr. Neale was six years old, he had a brother who was much older than him. One day, his brother wanted to teach him how to fight and took him into the backyard. He pushed Dr. Neale and said “hit me!” That didn’t seem like a smart idea (his brother was twice his age!) so he backed away and said no – but the pushing kept on. Finally, Dr. Neale took a swing at his stomach, only for his brother to smile. “First lesson,” he said. “Never hit anyone bigger than you!” The next thing Dr. Neale knew, he’d been hit in the mouth and his two front teeth had flown right out.

While Dr. Neale definitely doesn’t suggest this method for anyone else, this early incident started him down the path towards dentistry. He was very self-conscious about his knocked-out teeth and realized then how important someone’s teeth were to their self-image.

However, he still wasn’t quite sure what medical profession he wanted to enter into later in life. Dr. Neale shadowed ERs, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices of all kinds, but nothing seemed like the right fit. Finally, his aunt (who worked as a dental receptionist for several years) suggested that he shadow a few dentists too. He chose to visit one clinic that his family had gone to for several years, and within hours, he knew he was going to choose dentistry as a career. He was able to shadow a man who genuinely cared for his patients, treated them with respect, and worked hard. When the patients were done with their appointment, they would thank him – in fact, one lady started to cry and hugged the dentist. “Thank you,” she said. “I would have never been able to get this done without you.”

Dr. Neale admired that dentist very much, and he knew he wanted to be just like him. He wanted to make people comfortable, happy, and able to enjoy dentistry the way it should be enjoyed!

Where did you study dentistry?

Dr. Neale attended the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, graduating in 2010. He then got started at a great job with great benefits in a town on the other side of Oklahoma! However, he and his wife had a feeling that something might change. They began praying for guidance, but no answer seemed to come – until they became aware of Blackwell. The previous dentist at Blackwell Dentistry had just retired. Once they visited the office, they knew right away that they’d found their new home and this was the place they’d been guided towards all along. Today, they’re so grateful to be a part of this amazing community, caring for the dental needs of children and adults alike.

What is your life like outside of work?

At home, Dr. Neale has four sweet daughters, two amazing sons, and the best wife ever. His family is his greatest passion, and he loves spending quality time with them whenever he’s not busy at work –although his patients are just like family too! He’s also very involved in his church and is very grateful for everything God has done for him and his loved ones. His favorite hobby is SCUBA diving, although he rarely gets the chance to do so. Anytime he’s able to take a vacation and there’s an ocean nearby, you can find him pulling on SCUBA gear at a moment’s notice.

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Giving Back to Blackwell & Ponca City

Dr. Neale and his family have a true passion for working within their neighborhood and helping to make it an even better place, partnering with nearby schools, youth centers, local events, and much more.


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Our largest community contribution is the interactive children’s museum, which offers safe, fun education.


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At Blackwell Dentistry, out team loves giving back to and getting involved with our great community.


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Everyone loves winning something! We regularly share fun prizes with our patients and our neighbors.

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