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We Love Treating Smiles of All Ages

When you’re a parent, your schedule is hectic! You may be running your kids all around town for doctor’s visits, school functions, and extracurricular activities; so the last thing you want to do is add another appointment to your list.

As a father himself, Dr. Neale understands how convenient it is for families to have all their dental needs met in one place. This is why your dentist in Blackwell has created an environment that both adults and children can feel comfortable in, while receiving the high quality dentistry he believes they deserve.


We Cater to Children

Visiting the dentist should be fun for children!

Many adults report that they suffer from fear or anxiety when they visit the dentist due to a bad experience they had as a child. We understand how important those early dental visits are for children and this is why your child will find a fun and upbeat environment when they visit Blackwell Dentistry.

From the time they walk in the door and enjoy a movie in our theater arcade room, to when they get comfortable in one of our special themed treatment rooms, your child will be having fun. That’s right! They will even get to enjoy their favorite television program or movie while their teeth are being cleaned, or during their dental procedure. Not to mention adding their name to the “no cavities” wall when they get a good report.

Our goal is that your child looks forward to their dental appointments and thinks of our office as an exciting place to visit.


Comprehensive Care for Adults

At Blackwell Dentistry, adults enjoy a wide range of services designed to meet all their needs under one roof. Again, our goal is to offer comprehensive care so there is no need for you to go elsewhere for dental services.

For example, thanks to his advanced training, Dr. Neale offers comprehensive implant dentistry. This means that he can complete your procedure from start to finish at our office, including implant placement surgery, which is a procedure many dentists refer to a specialist.

You will also find comprehensive orthodontic treatment is offered at Blackwell Dentistry, including both traditional orthodontics and Invisalign, which meets the needs of adults and children alike.


We can’t Wait to Meet Your Family!

Is your family looking for a dentist in Blackwell, OK who can meet everyone’s needs? Look no further than Dr. Neale! Give Blackwell Dentistry a call today to arrange a convenient time for your next appointments. We look forward to being your family dentist for many years to come.

What our Patients Say About us

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Stacie McConnell
Stacie McConnell
I was able to get a same day appointment, and they were all very kind and patient. Took care of my problem the same day! Definitely recommend!
Apr 29, 2022
Dickeycruzan Cruzan
Dickeycruzan Cruzan
Love it here they are amazing with my kids and my family
Nov 17, 2021
Liberty Blackwell
Liberty Blackwell
Super friendly and patient with me and got the job done super fast
Oct 07, 2021
Jari Ebert
Jari Ebert
My husband has been going here for about a year now and highly recommends it! They're always helpful and accommodating! He loves the care he gets there and how dedicated they are to getting his smile all fixed!
Dec 03, 2021
Nicosha Anderson
Nicosha Anderson
We have been coming to Blackwell dentistry for years now. We love the special things they do to give back to their customers as well as their community. I am always seeing new things there are doing to give back and to interact with their patients and others. The last time we were there we had 3 new dental assistants. We loved all three! Marfa was so thorough with her cleaning. The most I’ve personally ever seen an assistant do anywhere on a kid. She taught my kids new things as well as told them the reasons for each thing. It was very educational to them and to me as well. Melody was with my 5 year old and she was so great with her. She really focused on her having fun and enjoying the dentist. She was so great with the kids it made me want to be more patient and better with them as well. I know she was just doing her every day job but you never know who is watching and can be inspired by your attitude. I wasn’t in the room with Michaiah but she was very nice and informative when I spoke with her. The ladies at the front desk are as always the sweetest and most helpful. We will continue our business at Blackwell Dentistry for as long as we can, and you should as well!
Dec 09, 2021

People From Everywhere Love Us!

We Love Our Community

Giving Back to Blackwell & Ponca City

Dr. Neale and his family have a true passion for working within their neighborhood and helping to make it an even better place, partnering with nearby schools, youth centers, local events, and much more.


Acts of Kindness

When it comes to making the world a better place, even the littlest kindnesses go a very long way.


Community Involvement

At Blackwell Dentistry, out team loves giving back to and getting involved with our great community.


Fun Giveaways

Everyone loves winning something! We regularly share fun prizes with our patients and our neighbors.

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