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Whether it is a new sport your teenager is playing or helping them navigate the stresses that come with cramming before a big test, their teeth can fall victim to potential damage. At Blackwell Dentistry, Dr. Neale doesn’t want to see your teen with an incomplete or worn-down smile, so combat these issues, he is pleased to offer your child a customized nightguard or sportsguard to protect their teeth and gums. These comfortable oral appliances make it easy for them to play in the big game or better prepare for that difficult math test without worrying about the effects of teeth grinding or what a hard-hitting tackle could do to their smile. To find out how your teen can get their own customized nightguard or sportsguard, contact us today.

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Customized oral appliances to better protect your child’s smile


Optimal comfort using advanced materials


The Purpose of Nightguards and Sportsguards

Depending on the dentist, they may refer to these oral appliances as “mouthguards.” With so many varieties available, Dr. Neale makes it easy to decipher which one will suit your teen’s needs.


If your child or teenager is suffering from teeth grinding, which is also known as bruxism, you will notice their teeth appear to be worn down. They may even complain of jaw pain, as this common condition is closely associated with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

The reason bruxism occurs is the result of stress, an abnormal bite, missing or crooked teeth, or a more serious condition known as sleep apnea.

As the parent, it is advised that you monitor your child while they sleep. Should you notice that they grind their teeth, it is in their best interest to call our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Neale. After further examination, he can recommend a nightguard to minimize the wear and tear of tooth enamel and eliminate jaw pain.

These custom-made devices are designed to keep teeth from coming into contact with each other and will fit comfortably within your teenager’s mouth, so they experience no issues when wearing while they are asleep.


If teeth grinding isn’t the issue, you can still benefit from a custom oral appliance if your teen is actively involved in sports. No matter if it’s basketball, baseball, football, tennis, or any other contact sport, your teen’s mouth can easily succumb to damage and serious injury if hit with a hard tackle or fly ball.

Dr. Neale can create a custom sportsguard that ensures enough room for your teen to speak without problems and receive the protection they need while on the field, court, or track.


How to Tell if Your Child is a Good Candidate

While nearly all children and teenagers are qualified to receive a sportsguard, there are some who may not be an ideal candidate for a nightguard. Should your child show any of the following signs, it’s best to make an appointment with Dr. Neale to discuss which treatment option is right for their needs:

Frequent headaches
Facial pain
Tooth sensitivity
Excessive wear and tear of the tooth enamel
Chronic jaw pain
Lower jaw swelling
Tooth cracks or chips
img-Benefits of Protective O

Benefits of Protective Oral Appliances

You will discover the benefits of protective oral appliances will give not only you but also your teen greater peace of mind whether it is on the field or asleep in bed.

Some of these benefits include:

Advanced protection
Healthier teeth and gums
Devices are custom-made for optimal comfort and protection
Improved breathing because they are less bulky than store-bought sportsguards or nightguards

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