Dental Implants

What Is There To Know About Dental Implants?

What to Know About Dental Implants

Dental implant surgeries are becoming more and more familiar, now being achieved millions of times in the United States each year. The procedure is safe, healing is effortless, and the benefits are countless.

Below are the things you must know before getting dental implants.

What Is The Process of Getting Dental Implants?

The dental implant procedure in Blackwell differs on several factors. Unfortunately, not everyone is a suitable prospect for this process. One of the most crucial factors lies in the health of a patient’s jawbone. The implant connects with the bone itself, assuring the replacement isn’t moving anywhere. It bears the added advantage of maintaining the patient’s bone structure unharmed. Without it, the jawbone will collapse, making the chin and mouth look sunken. 

If the jawbone isn’t healthy enough, bone grafting will be required, adding another surgical phase to the procedure. Since bone damage occurs over time, the longer tooth is missing- there are more possibilities of bone grafting surgery. If the replacement tooth is still inside the mouth and needs to get extracted, this will have to be done first. 

Dental Implant Anatomy

No doubt, the first things to come to mind when one hears “dental implants” are those glossy little metal posts no one will ever see. The point is they look so foreign corresponded to the replacement teeth they’ll support might be one reason the mind instantly jumps here. The much more possible reason is that this piece is, in fact, the implant.

This piece, called the post, is made of titanium and permanently connected with the jawbone. The substitute tooth, typically made of ceramic, like the dental crowns you may be familiar with, is then linked to the base using another metal piece called a connector.

Dental Implant Options

Whether bone grafting or tooth extraction is required, the healing procedure can take months. The same goes for whether someone needs a single tooth replacement or many. 

Single Tooth Replacement

In this case, the implanted post will act as the basis for the replacement tooth. The dentist will cut open a section of the gum to gain the way into the bone. 

The post is fixed to the bone & the patient is sent home until the bone heals & connects to the implant. Until the time of the second surgery, the patient has to wear temporary teeth to fill up the gap in the surgical area.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

Dentists can use a bridge to replace many teeth in a row, removing the requirement to have an individual post implanted for each substitute tooth. It obeys the same concept as a traditional bridge, which utilizes two crowns on either side of the site of the lost tooth to preserve in a stand-in. 

Get Dental Implant In Blackwell

Anyone with missing teeth is a prospect for dental implants. If you want to know more details about dental implant & what is the procedure of getting a dental implant? 

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