IV Sedation Dentistry

Know How Sedation Dentistry Can Benefit In Your Dental Procedure

Things To Know About IV Sedation Dentistry

Imagine how it would be like if you could get your dental work done without any fear & pain? It feels tempting & this is what IV sedation dentistry is: a relaxing and stress-free way to achieve a beautiful smile.

Whether you’ve been interested in IV sedation dentistry for a while, or you’ve just heard that it might be a chance, you should take a minute to go over the points below:

  1. A Semi-Awake State.

Intravenous sedation, as the name implies, is given through a vein. Effects can be seen quicker than any other option & dosage is adjusted constantly throughout the process.

Unlike general anesthesia, which induces a complete unconsciousness, IV sedation gets you to a state of semi-consciousness. You won’t be completely conscious of what’s happening, but you will be capable of responding to verbal commands or gentle touches.

Be sure to check with your dental care provider to assure that you are a prospect for sedation; older patients and those suffering from medical disorders may bear the risk of experiencing some side effects.

  1. You May Not Remember The Procedure.

The medication used in IV sedation has an amnesia effect. Depending on how intensely you choose to get sedated, you may have a little memory of the procedure.

Some people recall nothing at all. Keep in mind that this is a common side-effect of sedation and does not imply that something has gone wrong.

  1. Three Levels Of Conscious IV Sedation.

  1. Minimal: The sedation relieves your dental anxiety but allows you to stay completely awake. 
  2. Mild: Sometimes known as conscious sedation. This mild level of sedation makes you feel more sleepy. You are likely not to remember anything.
  3. Deep: You’ll be nearly unresponsive and may fall asleep. Deep sedation still lets the patient be awakened somewhat easily. 
  1. Inhaled Or Ingested Sedative.

With your consent, your dentist may aid one of these sedatives along with, or without, IV sedation:

  • Laughing Gas: This inhaled sedative delivers minimal sedation and may even fade off quick enough for your dentist to clear you to go home afterward. 
  • Oral Sedation: You can also take an oral sedation pill & this can provide up to moderate sedation depending on the doses. 
  1. Local Anesthetics Get Supervised Once The Sedative Has Taken Effect. 

If you undergo sedation, you won’t get your local numbing dose until you get sedated. It makes IV sedation a good alternative for nervous patients or even those who don’t like oral injections. Talk It Out with our professional sedative dentists in Blackwell, OK. 


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